Indoor lighting

For lighting I use switch actuators and a dimming actuator.

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The dimming actuator controls 2 living room ceiling lamps, one kitchen ceiling lamp and two outdoor lamps on the terrace. All additional lamps are controlled by switch actuators. Each lamp is connected three-wires cord to the central distribution boxes.

Details how the actuators are controlled in order to switch on and off the lights can be found on page about switches.

An additional feature is the lighting of the attic. This is controlled with a magnetic contact that is attached to the roof hatch. In this way, you can completely eliminate on a separate switch.

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The magnetic contact on the roof hatch is connected to the KNX bus by a universal interface and thus controls the switching actuator of ceiling lamp.

In addition, there is an indirect lighting in my livingroom. After due consideration, I have decided for the Philips HUE. It has long been tested in the market. It is based on the ZigBee standard and it has a very good integration in openHab.

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