Wireless environment sensors

For the measurement of temperature, humidity, rain, wind and air pressure I decided for outdoor sensors of EVL. They work in the 868Mhz band and can be easily read using a receiver.

At the time of my planning, a binding for openHAB was developed.

The following components were used..

Temperature and humidity (ground floor, first floor, attic and in the shed)

4x ELV Radio outdoor sensor ASH 2200


Temperature, humidity, wind and rain (garden)

1x ELV Radio weather sensor - KS 300-2


Air pressure

Additionally, To measure the air pressure i use a self-development sensor on the basis of a Jeenodes. This is a low power Arduino clone which already has a 868MHz radio module and could be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

USB receiver

1x CC1101 - USB - Lite module - V3 from the company Busware to receive and feed the data into openHAB.