Configure and build a smarthome server

If configure a smarthome server which should run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the question often arises if it does not need a lot of power. My goal was therefore to build a server with a particularly low-power components. The current configuration needs about 18 watts and is therefore acceptable in my opinion for a 247 operation.


It is running with a Quad Core Celeron J4205 with 2.6GHz and 16GB DDR3-1833. As a harddrive there are one 64GB SSD and one 3TB raid 1. The server case itself features 4 HotPlug slots for easy changing harddisks. This setup will give me some flexibility for the future :-)

Mini ITX Server View at the 4 RAID slots


I use openSUSE as my operating system. The reason is my personal preference and habit. I use SuSE since version 4.3. I changed almost directly from my formerly used Amiga OS. :-)


The hardware cost about 570 € and the parts list is as follows.

Who does not need Raid 1 can fall back on my previous configuration.

It is a completely fanless system (18cm x 3,6cm x 18cm) which is running on a Intel Atom N2800 and it consumes 10 watt. Additionally it has one 64GB SSD. The performance is more than sufficient. The waste heat is small enough to put it in a closed cabinet. Without a fan and together with the SSD there are no moving parts to wear out.

The parts list is as follows.

The following topics are discussed in more detail:

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