As middleware i use openHAB.

To make it short, it is used to connect all different bus systems (KNX,Radio,USB,Serial,Network etc) with "Bindings". A rules engine is able to handle complex control scenarios. There may be data collected, recorded and displayed graphically. It is visualized through a web interface or Android / iOS Apps. In addition, there is also a REST API to the system.

From a technical side, it is a system written as a java OSGI based system. Recently it has been accepted as an eclipse projekt. In my eyes it is by far the cleanest and most promising system.

You can find my current configuration files (Items, Rules, Sitemaps etc.) and shell scripts in the download area.

Migration to Openhab 2.x

After my first attempts almost a year ago, I migrated my entire OpenHab 1.x installation on OpenHab 2.x on my last vacation. OpenHab 2 offers some very interesting new things. e.g. A completely revised interface, device discovery, performance improvements (eg, in conjunction with serial interfaces), more bindings, and the introduction of "Things" as another abstraction.

A good start is the site Migration from openHAB 1.x to openHAB 2

In addition, I have encountered some Stolpersteine which I would like in the following list to help others to facilitate the migration or error search.

  • Changed "Uninitialized" to NULL in all rule files
  • Lowercase my own iconset and adapt the changed filenames in my items and sitemap files
  • Map translations together with %d in item files does not work, but gives also no exception. Without enough informations it was hard to find the real reason. Solution was to change it to %s, modified also the values in the translation file and it works again
  • Fix some syntax errors in my own rule files. Openhab2 is more strict while parsing
  • Primitive types are not supported as Function parameter in rule files. Solution: Changed it to objects
  • Removed wildcard imports. For me it was enough to just delete it.
  • Copy unsupported s300th binding jar from openhab1 and it works without any changes. Irritating was that this binding was not listed when I called "feature:list", but it works. I think the reason is, that this binding is not prepared for openhab2
  • Trigger "received command" works different now. Its fired when the Item receives the command but has not update its state. To work with the new state use the variable "receivedCommand"